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How Apple's iPhone is beating Android with 8 Punches

As the debate continues to heat up as to which smartphone is the best, we decided to do a little research of our own and see how the iPhone stacks up against the Android.  We found 8 compelling reasons why the iPhone continues to be the dominant leader in the industry.  When a consumer considers factors such as quality of apps, resale value, hardware, durability and usage, it's clear the iPhone has the edge.  Consider the facts in the following infographic:

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How People break their iPhones and iPads

The number of mobile devices in the US and around the world has skyrocketed over the last decade.  There are more than 321 million smart phone users in the US alone and more than 122 million tablets were sold just last year.  With all the growth, it's no wonder that iPhone and iPad repair has become a billion dollar industry. The following infographic contains important information and tips for smartphone and tablet users.  It also details common breakages and what you can expect to pay for repair.

How People Break