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iPhone Charging Port - Free Cleaning

More than 60% of the time there is lint and dirt stuck in the charging port which is preventing charging. We clean it out free of charge.

If the cleaning does not resolve the issue then we inform you of the charges as follows if it requires replacement of Charging Port.

iPhone Charge Port Repair, Price Incudes CA ST

iPhone 3G or 3GS Charge Port
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iPhone 4 or 4S Charge Port
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iPhone 5/5C/5S Charge Port
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iPhone 6/6+ Charge Port
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iPhone 6S/6S+ Charge Port
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iPhone 7/7+ Charge Port
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iPhone 8/8+ Charge Port
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Peace of Mind with Guarantee
iPhone Charge Port Repairs are guaranteed for 60 Days.
Independent Reviews
We rely on third-party websites beyond our control where customers post their experience with Cupertino Phone Repair. We have great reviews on yelp. If your question or concern wasn’t addressed above, read our FAQ, or call us at our location.
Brand New High Quality Parts
Diagnostics are absolutely free. If the iPhone is not repairable and you need it shipped, we will ship it back to you for $12 via FedEx shipping.  If you pick up from the store then there is no diagnostics charges.
Data Integrity and Data Security
All your data stays the same on your iPhone and is not lost. If you wish, you can also PIN lock your iPhone.
If you have critical data, then we suggest doing backup before coming in for repair.
Fast Turn Around
iPhone Charge Port replacements usually takes 1 Hour to complete.
Free FedEx shipping for Outstation Repairs
If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can visit us for fast repair. You can also ship your iPhone to us using the Shipping Form. FedEx Air Prepaid Shipping Label available if you want to use it to ship your iPhone to us. We ship out most iPhone within 24 hours with Free FedEx 3 Day Air Shipping. FedEx Overnight shipping option available on checkout for an extra $10.
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